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Radio Producer

When I'm not behind the camera I'm an award-winning Executive Producer and Deputy Programme Controller with over 21 years experience. The majority of my career has been spent working on Breakfast Shows and Network/National Programming in Commercial Radio and the BBC.

I'm more than comfortable coaching, developing and working with high performance talent. Delivering creative solutions, devising entertaining and engaging programming strands and developing client-focused activity is something I'm used to dealing with on a daily basis.

But hey, you don't want my LinkedIn Profile... that's here if you do!


Podcasts and Radio go hand in hand, but there are some differences. If you're looking for help developing a concept and pilot, or if you've already got an idea and just need some advice on how to get it to your waiting fans, I can help. I've developed and produced podcasts for Global including launching Food Busker's Cult Food Stories and the Popbuzz Podcast as well as independent productions such as On The Turn.


Scripts. Online. Events. 

Radio eats content for breakfast... literally. So that means I've had years of experience writing creative scripts, skits, sketches, parody songs, you name it, I've probably written it. As radio and podcasts live on multiple platforms I'm used to writing for online and social media too. 

Having overseen all the content for 'My Capital XTRA' and 'My Capital' interactive apps for Global, I'm happy working closely with digital teams, UX designers and tech leads who use Agile Project Management.

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