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  1. 5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Portrait or Headshot Photoshoot

    Once you’ve booked your portrait or professional headshot session with me I always like to send a little email with some pointers on how to prepare before your shoot.  You don’t need to spend any money and these 5 things will help you get the best shots possible. And let’s…

  2. Vicki Blight Photoshoot

    I’ve known Vicki for years. We first met back in 2005 (ish!) when I was her producer on Heart Breakfast in the East Midlands, but this was the first time I’ve photographed her (other than a drunken selfie on a night out). Hard to believe!  She was after some new…

  3. Vintage Surf Vibes in Portugal

    Whilst on our van-life travels (read more about that on our Emergency String travel blog) I got the chance to catch up with my friend Louise Jackson, a writer, journalist and blogger who lives by the coast in Portugal. She loves to surf so she always knows the best beach…

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