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5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Portrait or Headshot Photoshoot

Once you’ve booked your portrait or professional headshot session with me I always like to send a little email with some pointers on how to prepare before your shoot. 

You don’t need to spend any money and these 5 things will help you get the best shots possible. And let’s face it, that’s the whole point, right?!

Here are the 5 things you need to do before your portrait or headshot photoshoot.

1. Bring a couple of different outfits.

A change of top or jacket can bring a whole different mood to the same shot. That’s why for indoor shoots I definitely recommend bringing a change of clothes for different looks. If you’re a master of a quick change we can do 2 even 3 changes of clothes in the session time. 

For outdoor shoots, think about choosing layers that are easy to switch between in public or in a coffee shop toilet! 

Think about selecting outfits that will span seasons rather than anything too summery or equally, anything too wintery. It’ll also make your shots more versatile throughout the year and make them last longer.

Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Braving that new item you bought last week and still aren’t sure about will show in your face. You’ll feel more relaxed in something you’re sure suits you and that will ultimately make for awesome shots! 

2. Go easy on the make-up and fake tan.

It doesn’t matter who you are, I like to mention this to everyone just in case… Careful with the fake bake! I can work some post-shoot photoshop magic for any blemishes and to give you a healthy glow, however it’s very difficult to undo that patchy-orange look if you have a fake-tan disaster the night before! 

If you do feel the need to hit the spray tan booth before your portrait session, make sure you give yourself a bit of a time-buffer between your visit and the actual shoot. The day before is definitely NOT enough time, FYI!

A great thing to do is to bring your make-up, hairbrush, lip gloss etc with you to the shoot. Then if you want to give yourself a little zhoosh between shots or outfit changes, you can. 

3. Do NOT get your hair cut the day before your photoshoot!

Book your barber for the week before. You’ll thank me.

This sounds a bit counter-intuitive. You want to look your best for your shoot (well done) so a quick trim’s in order, right? Yes and no.

The same as with the fake tan, if you’re getting your hair cut ahead of your photoshoot, do it a few days or the week before. Freshly cut hair in photos can look a bit out of control. Unless you have a hair stylist on the shoot with you,  it’s best to give it time to settle. That goes for guys and girls.

4. Practice your poses.

OK, this sounds weird but stick with me. Take the time, when you’re alone (or not!), to practice a few poses in the mirror leading up to your headshot session. 

In my photoshoots I’ll obviously be giving you direction and we’ll be working closely together and having fun finding the best possible poses for you. But if you’ve got a couple up your sleeve that you know you really like and are comfortable with, it’ll mean you’ll feel happy and relaxed from the off. Unleash your inner supermodel!

5. Bright eyed and bushy tailed… but mostly bright eyed.

Kylie knows best… no boozy nights before photoshoots!

This sounds obvious but it’s sometimes forgotten. Try not to get sloshed the night before your photoshoot! Blood shot and puffy eyes are never attractive. Take it easy on the booze, get a decent nights sleep and drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the shoot. Your skin, eyes and I, will thank you for it when it comes to your portrait or headshot photoshoot!

Happy posing!

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